LESA STEMPIN  RN, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist,
 Reiki Master
262-496-2593           facebook ;  Lumiere Therapeutic Yoga 
Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist
Insured through Sports & Fitness Insurance Corp.
Servicing the Wilmington, Carolina Beach NC areas


    ~~~ Shine your light with a sense of harmony of mind, body and spirit ~~~
Lumiere Therapeutic Yoga LLC provides a variety of services to help you meet your highest potential : 
  Therapeutic Yoga is designed to assist in the journey inward to harness innate peace and healing powers. I combine Reiki , Yoga, Guided Imagery, Intuition and Visualization for Manifestation of your AUTHENTIC SELF into each session.      Enjoy Chair Yoga, Chakra Flow Yoga and Yoga Hiking with guided meditation.          All Yoga classes are designed to meet your individual needs.
                                             We can work together !

     Join in Reiki healing sessions with the vibrational energy of crystals and sound of singing bowls  to promote  chakra balancing and spiritual healing. Connect to the Angelic and Spiritual Masters realm for support and guidance.
                          Individual sessions or Reiki Shares  are available. 
I conduct Reiki Certifications for all levels and provide mentoring after certification.

Enchanting Drum circles in Wilmington with the new moon allow  us to PLAY and raise a peaceful vibration to rise and ripple over the community. 
                          Illuminate and rejuvenate YOURSELF !

I have been committed to a mission of raising the consciousness and health of individuals and communities over my many years of mental and public health nursing. I combine my medical, counseling and healing arts background as a Nurse ,Yoga Therapist and Reiki Master to provide  unique experiences to help elevate and empower your authentic self.

My Yoga classes are adapted for EVERYONE. Appropriate for ADHD, depression, anxiety, addiction, stress symptoms, arthritis, cardiac and lung disease, chronic pain, wheelchair bound and recuperation from injury. Ask me about help with holistic illness management drawing from both Western and Natural medicine.

 Sessions and events are appropriate for all ages and capabilities. The Chair Yoga poses specifically allow every one to feel the fun and learn how yoga can be done anywhere. 
                          Peaceful beings create peaceful unity !
             I want to bring the ease and joy of a Yoga lifestyle  and Reiki
                                             to EVERY ~BODY !
    I travel to teach individual and group classes within the Wilmington, Carolina Beach NC areas . Contact me for more information ~~

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